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DJ Tarico – Urban killers EP

DJ Tárico – Urban Killers (EP)

DJ Tarico - Urban killers EP

Artist: DJ Tarico

Title: Urban Killers (EP)

Genre: Dance, Pandza, Tarraxinha and Ghetto Zouk

Format: Mp3

Year: 2020

Quality: 320 Kbps

Size: 59 MB


  1. DJ Tarico – Holaaa (feat. Mano Tsotsi)
  2. DJ Tarico – Apaga a Luz (feat. Delio Tala)
  3. DJ Tarico – Da So (feat. Mano Tsotsi)
  4. DJ Tarico – Capotar (feat. Mano Tsotsi)
  5. DJ Tarico – Com Uma Gaja (feat. Mano Tsotsi & Delio Tala)
  6. DJ Tarico – Urban Killers (feat. Delio Tala & Mano Tsotsi)
  7. DJ Tarico – Urban Killers (Instrumental)


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